mask maker

by combination lock

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side a
1. my thxghts
2. the old disappearing act
3. theydontreallyknow
4. [spk_yr_nm] (feat. laddderr)
5. misguided promises of yesterday's tomorrow
6. ack.shun
7. dice_
8. get.down.

side b
1. portable water
2. flume
3. jose bautista
4. alic_tcol
5. we'll show them how to mash monsters
6. salt in the wound
7. crystal ball
8. surrenderdorothy - watercolors [remix] (feat. laddderr)
9. shag carpets (feat. fantom)


thank you to laddderr and fantom for helping with this album. you may like some songs on this album, you may hate others. but i cant stick to one style for too long without getting bored, so this is the result of listening to lots of music and trying new things.


released October 23, 2015



all rights reserved


combination lock Saint Kitts and Nevis

it had to be created.

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